EP. 4: A Day Without Love

 a day without love

Brian Walker is a fixture in the Philly DIY scene, but he’s not the type to gloat about it. He’s turned his passion for writing introspective, pointed indie/emo music into a presence – one that invites others to discuss thoughts and issues openly. Simply put, Brian is the type of guy you want to meet in a world where it feels hard to communicate sometimes, even with a phone or computer nearby.

Brian performs under the moniker A Day Without Love. He’s played pretty much every type of venue in PA and toured relentlessly since starting the project a few years ago. Whether it’s at a classic Philly house show or out on the road, he’s taken his message to new heights. That message is embedded in the lines of his latest release, Solace – a record that addresses his personal struggles and finding peace with them.

In this session, we spoke with Brian about the struggles that fueled Solace, the release of his moving new music video for album cut “Joseph”, his current life transitions, and his penchant for writing about the issues humans face every day.

Click the link below to listen! Downloads help us out even more!!

Download this episode (right click and save)

Brian is about to go on a summer tour around most of the east coast (and he impressively listed all of the dates during the sesh!) so be sure to catch him in your city. He’s also currently working on some tracks for a new record, and two of them are brand new – exclusively played first on Out of Town!

So sit back and enjoy! We’re glad you’re here.

Song List:

1. Joseph
2. Nonsense
3. Birthday
4. Green

Interview by Nick Tate.
Audio Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Storm Paul.
Music written and performed by Brian Walker.


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